Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Built Mobile Homes is happy to provide the resources you need to answer common questions that relate to manufactured and modular homes, as well as the factory-built industry as a whole. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please get in touch with us!

1. What is the Difference Between a Mobile Home, a Manufactured Home, and a Modular Home?

Mobile homes are factory-built movable homes that were made before HUD standards were put in place in 1993. All movable, factory-built homes after the HUD standards are known as Manufactured Homes and are required by law to meet federal building regulations for Manufactured Homes. Manufactured Homes are mounted on a permanent chassis (the frame with the wheels). A modular home is a home built on a permanent foundation (a basement or footings instead of a chassis) and is built to your local and state building codes, also referred to as IRC codes.

2. Will my home lose value?

Generally, according to one study done by, manufactured homes change in value at approximately the same rate as your neighborhood changes in value. In other words, if property values go up in your neighborhood about 5%, in general your home will go up about 5% (from the Michigan Datacomp study that revealed the truth about manufactured homes growing in value). Please also note – we are speaking in general, we cannot make you promises about the future value of your home. There are two exceptions to this rule of “matching the neighborhood,” both within your control. First, if you buy the home at too high a price from one of our competitors, your home will initially lose value. Second, just like any other home, if you do not take care of your home and property, the home will lose value. So, if you get a good deal from us, take care of your home, and keep it in a good neighborhood, you should be in good shape.

3. Will my home be cheaply made?

Only if you buy from someone else. We do sell a few “economy” models to people that want a less expensive house, but the homes we love to sell have quality and craftsmanship that is equal or better than homes that are built right on a home site. These homes are less expensive because they are built in a factory setting where engineers have figured out how to most efficiently build a house to save you the most money and these homes are built in a building where there is perfect weather every day of the year!

4. What will my family and friends say if I buy a mobile home?

We would like to point out that you are NOT buying a mobile home – the days of mobile and trailer homes are gone. You are buying a manufactured or modular home showing you are smart because you get a lot more house for a lot less money with quality as good or better than building your house on site. If you choose a modular home, you actually show yourself to be a trendsetter as the housing industry is moving more and more toward modular housing. With the higher quality and lower costs, it just makes sense to buy a moudlar home instead of building one on the lot.

5. Will my home be safe in a storm?

Federal government standards, testing, and real life results have proven that a properly installed manufactured or modular home is just as safe as any other home.

6. Will you give me a great price on a home, but then force me to get high interest financing?

With Texas Built Mobile Homes we can help you find financing or you can get your own financing. Our goal is to help real people get into the house they love, and who you finance with is YOUR choice. We were sad to see some of our competitors in the news for hurting real people with poor financing options. If you would like our help, we use a variety of local financing sources to find the best loan option for you. But in the end, we just want you in a great home, regardless of if it’s through us, through your bank, or even with cash!

7. What if my credit score is so low I cannot qualify for a loan?

You would be surprised at our ability to find financing options for those with poor credit. The best thing is to visit our financing page for more information, or come by and talk to us in person about your current situation.

8. Do you help people find land?

Yes. Since our focus is to get people into their dream home, we will do just about anything to help you toward that goal.

9. Will you quote me a low price and then hit me with a whole bunch of extra charges?

We like to treat people like we like to be treated. We do our best to let you know what the whole cost will be and we let you know ahead of time of any estimated costs we’re not sure of.

10. Can I custom design my home?

Some of our manufacturers allow you to make almost any design changes you want on your home ensuring your new home is as unique as you are. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our absolute best to make your dreams a reality.